Gentle treatment by Homoeopathy

Gentle treatment by Homoeopathy

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Safe medicine for your dear child

Safe medicine for your dear child

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Homoeopathy for women’s health

Homoeopathy for women’s health

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Dr. Jayakumar M Pannakkal's Online Clinic

Thyroid problems

Hypothyroidism - homoeopathy can offer a lasting cure in most cases


Disappear without leaving any marks with homoepathic treatment.

Cracks on heels or fissures

Effective treatment

Painful menses

Lasting solution excessive bleeding, irregular menses. Any menses related problems try our treatment


Think homoeopathy before going for knife

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Tingling and numbness of the fingers especially during sleep weakness of hands and dropping things from the hand atrophy of hand muscles and shooting pain in forearm

Warts and molluscum contagiosum

Disappears without any marks

Tennis elbow

See the results with our treatment

Palmar dermatitis

Experience homoeopathic treatment

Ovarian cysts

Try homoeopathy

Dr. Jayakumar M Pannakkal, B.Sc, BHMS, MD (Hom)
With over 30 years in homoeopathic practice and coming from a homoeopathic family. Treated more than 14 lakhs patients from all parts of the world with both acute and chronic ailments.

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News & Events

Christmas leave
30 Nov 2017

Christmas leave

The clinic will not open from the date 23/12/'17 to 28/12/'17
03 Jun 2016


Smoking can adversely affect sperm development and function. A review of 20 studies including 5,865 ...
Nail Complaints
29 Mar 2016

Nail Complaints

NAIL COMPLAINTS Biting nails (Onchophagia) Some people used to bite their nails. Usually it is a r...



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