• Homoeopathy is a medical system founded by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, an allopathic physician from Germany. This system is based on a strong foundation of Nature’s law of cure “SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURRANTUR.”

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Salient features of Homoeopathy are:-
  • Giving single simple remedies.
  • Drugs are prepared by special method, ‘Potentization’.
  • No side effects of drugs.
  • Capable of removing chronic diseases from its root by constitutional treatment.

Homoeopathy is a medical system invented by Dr Samuel Hahnemann of Germany. He was an allopathic physician. He was fed up with the unscientific methods and lawlessness in the field of medicine then. As a master of languages (more than 12 languages) he began to read all the available medical literatures as well as chemistry and botany. He translated many of them in to German.

On one such occasion, while translating ‘Cullen’s’ Materia Medica, he found a statement that Cinchona cures malaria due to its tonic effect. Hahnemann didn’t approve of this. He tested it by taking 4 drachmas of Cinchona himself. By surprise he was affected with malaria like symptoms. He understood that Cinchona curing malaria is not due to the tonic effect but because of its power to produce malaria like symptoms or similarity. He then tested many other available drugs upon himself and his friends. These experiments confirmed his belief that every drug is capable of producing its own symptoms on healthy human beings and if it applied to similar morbid conditions it will cure. He correlated it with Nature’s law, Similia Similibus Currantur. By continuous study and experimentation he developed a complete medical system called Homoeopathy (homo=similar, pathos = diseases). His master piece is ‘Organon of Medicineā„¢. This book contains the laws of homoeopathy, drug preparations, repetition, comparisons with other methods of treatments, classification of diseases, unique case taking method, potentization etc. This book has 6 editions; the last one was published after his death. Another great work is ‘Chronic Diseases’, in which Hahnemann put forward a new theory of origin of chronic diseases and its cure. Hahnemann’s life history and homoeopathy is very much intermingled and cannot be separated.