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    Atopic dermatitis in babies

    It is frequently seen disorder in clinical practice. Most of the cases coming in our clinic has already had unsuccessful experience in allopathy , and they came with lots of prescription papers and tests. These cases were already suppressed by various creams and steroids. And the parents are desperately in need of get rid off their baby’s condition.

    In most cases the appearance itself will reveal the name of the disease. The word ‘atopic’ means tendency to develop allergic conditions and ‘dermatitis’ means swelling of the skin.

    The location of the lesion is characteristic. In infants it affects face(cheeks), scalp, trunk and extremities. It usually spares the diaper area. As the age advances the location is more on flexural areas(bends) of limbs , crawling surfaces the elbow and knees .Constant itching causes lichenification or thickening of the affected area. On face, either cheeks we can see redness, dryness and on close observation scaliness. Most cases symmetrical occurrence seen. The mood of the child will alter, become irritable and uncomfortable. Due to itching , super added infection may occur. Extremes of environmental changes will worsen the condition. This condition is seem to be running through families. So parents with atopic dermatitis and asthma are more prone to have children with atopic dermatitis. It is not a contagious disease.
    The main triggers of AD are dry skin, irritants, stress, allergies and infection and heat/sweating.

    Symptoms – Itching which causes scaly, red or swollen skin. Cracking, weeping clear fliud. Crusting, thick scales.In most cases due to chronic scratching skin becomes thicken and hardened. Child becomes irritable due to itching. Super added infection may occur. Due to continuous itching lichinification or hardness of the skin occur and it becomes leathery.

    Homoeopathic treatment
    Treat the patient is the moto of homoeopathy here as in every case. For this we have to get certain informations

    • Family history-allergic and asthmatic
    • Vaccinations
    • Constituition
    • Prominent miasm
    • Appearance of the lesion – dry, scaly, redness
    • Location- Symmetrical, one sided
    • Nature of the infant

    According to our system it is a curable condition. By giving well selected minute dose of homoeopathically selected medicines at needed interval will cure this condition.

    Some medicines used only according to the patient are-
    Ant crud, Bacil, Graph, Hep, Merc, Nat mur,Nit acid, Op, Petr, Rhus T, Sep, Sulph, etc according to the patient.
    Dr. Jayakumar pannakkal Bsc, BHMS,MD(Hom)

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