Placenta traditions

News & Events on February 18, 2016

Cultures all over the world honour the plcanta and consider it to be of significance to the child’s life experience.

The Navajo Indians bury it within the scared four corners of the tribe’s reservation to bind the child to its ancestral land and people.

The Maories of Newzealand bury the placenta in their native soil for same reason.

Ancient Hawaiians bury it at the base of great volcano, hoping for baby’s long life.

The Igno tribes of Nigeria and Ghana consider the placenta to be the baby’s twin and bury it after conducting funeral rits.

Malaysians consider the placenta to be the child’s older sibling and bury it after delivery.

The Toba Batak people of Sumatra believe the placenta is the younger sibling. It is also thought to contain one of the seven souls that a person possesses, acting as child’s conscience.

The Baganda of Uganda believe that the placenta is actually a second child.


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